Journeys to Unknown Spiritual Frontiers:<br><small>Discovering God through Obedience and Sharing</small>

Journeys to Unknown Spiritual Frontiers:
Discovering God through Obedience and Sharing

Helen S. Pasanen

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What would you do if the Lord sent you a dream about a young woman, and then the next day, there she was—standing in front of you in the check-out line at your local gas station? Would you use this opportunity to witness, or would you shy away from following Holy Spirit because you don’t feel adequately trained, or you fear rejection and embarrassment?

In Journeys to Unknown Spiritual Frontiers, Helen Pasanen and her husband, Art, focus on Spirit-led experiences in which they have seen the Glory of God manifested as part of the routine of daily life. You will discover examples of how a shy, introverted scientist has been able to share the hope in Jesus in a simple, loving way by sharing His faith story.

Included are Helen and Art Pasanen’s testimonies of supernatural experiences as evidence of the Glory of God being manifested in our time, plus an account of Helen’s call to prophetic intercession.

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Page Count: 136

About the Author:

Helen Pasanen was born in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada. After many seeds of faith were sown into her life, and through the Billy Graham ministry, Helen accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour and Lord. A deeper spiritual realm in the Holy Spirit opened up when the teaching on the baptism of the Holy Spirit was presented to her by Francis and Charles Hunter in 1978. She embraced that baptism.

Art was born in Bruce Mines, Ontario, Canada. Art received the gift of faith from the Holy Spirit through the study of God's Word in 1967. Because of the impact that experience had on his life, his vocation from that point on became to share the Good News in different ways, the main one being through volunteering with the Gideons International in Canada.