Joy in the Mourning:<br><small>Healing from the Death of a Loved One</small>

Joy in the Mourning:
Healing from the Death of a Loved One

Ruby (Heppner) Wiebe

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Only God knows what it takes to walk down dark roads and to fight the good fight of faith. Ruby and her family have walked a close walk with God in direct opposition to hopelessness and the ugliness of cancer, and through Joy in the Mourning, have brought us with her. This is a book of the faithfulness of God Almighty. This is a book of compassion, understanding, and hope for those who have faced and are face-to-face with the ugliness of cancer.

Daren and Angie Werk, Newlife Victory Fellowship, Senior pastors

You’re looking forward to the best years of your life. Retirement isn’t far away, the kids are grown up, and the grandchildren are coming along. Life is looking good!

Suddenly your dreams and plans take a nosedive and it’s all you can do to breathe deeply and take one step at a time.

Is it possible to hold onto faith in the face of dire circumstances? Will you ever feel joy bubbling up inside you again? When a hope-filled solution is presented to you your spirits soar, only to come crashing down again when failure raises its ugly head.

You go to the only place where faith, hope, and joy can be restored. Even there you find you will need to make a choice: walk or wallow? Sing or sigh? Help or hurt? What will you choose?

Softcover Trim Size: 5 x 8

Page Count: 120

About the Author:

Ruby (Heppner) Wiebe is a retired homemaker whose passion is to support and encourage those struggling with life’s hardships. Her greatest joys are spending time with children and grandchildren and hosting family and friends in her home. Since her remarriage, she and her husband make their home in Lac La Biche, Alberta.