Leadership Power:<br><small>Beyond Smoke and Mirrors</small>

Leadership Power:
Beyond Smoke and Mirrors

Peter J. Daniels

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“I am going to take you on a journey that may cause you to reflect on some of your perceptions and earlier understandings of the subject of leadership and, hopefully, may unsettle you enough to inspire deep, intensive thought.”

Peter J. Daniels holds nothing back in his latest book on leadership, Leadership Power: Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors. Those in leadership, and those who aspire to leadership positions, will be challenged and inspired by the task set before them. Mr. Daniels shares practical advice and sobering realities from his many decades in leadership positions. He succinctly yet powerfully captures the essence of leadership and the world’s desperate need for leaders of character and determination.

Leadership Power should be required reading for anyone who has a position of leadership in business or in the Church... Get it, read it, and apply it to your life.”

—Rick Renner
Author, Pastor, Church Founder, and T.V. Broadcaster

“Daniels writes with passion, authority, and from a lifetime of experience—anyone who sees themselves as leader, or future leader, needs to read it.”

—Dr. Colin Stringer
Author of The 800 Horsemen

“This book will super charge its reader to take up the leadership role and walk in their divine destiny.”

—Chris Greenwood, also known as Manafest

“Thank you, Peter J. Daniels... More than just theories, your wise words of experience challenge every one of us to be pragmatic, skilled, and steadfast.”

—John Mason
President of Insight International/Insight Publishing Group

“...a must read for all who are willing to be honest with themselves and with God, those who really benefit mankind through his or her leadership.”

—Pastor Kenneth Copeland
Kenneth Copeland Ministries

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Page Count: 120

About the Author:

Peter J. Daniels has been called a merchant of hope for his capacity to remove a crowd’s fear, uncertainty, and disunity. He has been honored globally by businesses, universities, governments, and philanthropic groups. Having served in a leadership for the last 58 years, his approach to leadership produces loyalty and results. Daniels, who has previously published the biography Living on the Edge, currently lives with his wife in Australia.

Visit Peter's website at peterjdaniels.com.