Living in the Shadow of the Cross

Living in the Shadow of the Cross:
Have We Made Calvary Obsolete?

Lynda L. Schultz

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Can the Christian community get along without commemorating Good Friday? Has the cross become something we’d rather not mention since it doesn’t make us “feel good,” which our society seems to insist is the endgame of life? Or is the significance of Calvary and the death of Christ a theme that not only deserves, but requires, a central place in both our public and private lives?

This is the heart of Living in the Shadow of the Cross, a series of meditations on the cross. It calls us back to the foundation of our faith as believers in Jesus Christ. It reminds us of what we were, who we are, and where we are headed. Most of all, it draws us back to the One Person, the One Act, that brought us back into the most important relationship any of us will ever experience.

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About the Author:

Lynda L. Schultz served as a missionary in Colombia and Venezuela for more than twenty years, as Director of Christian Education in three Canadian churches and Communications Coordinator with the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada (FEBCC). She is the author of Divine Design for Daily Living (also published in Spanish); Ordinary People with an Extraordinary God, a celebration of FEBCC’s fifty years of international ministry; as well as a number of short stories and articles. Now, as a “re-wire-ee,” Lynda continues to research, teach, and blog about the Scripture.