Majesty in Motion:<br><small>Creating an Encouragement Culture in All Your Relationships</small>

Majesty in Motion:
Creating an Encouragement Culture in All Your Relationships

Stewart Brown

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This book is designed to help you experience and share God's lasting encouragement in a significantly deeper way that you have ever experienced before. Stewart Brown skillfully guides readers to a place of joy and fulfillment even in the midst of ominous world events and personal storms.

Reading and re-reading this book will:

  • Provide “tools” to make a dramatic difference in the dynamics of your team, small group, church or organization
  • Equip you to transform your working environment & inspire your co-workers
  • Strengthen your marriage & help you restore healthy family relationships
  • Empower you to turn new acquaintances into full time friends
  • Help you to develop and live out a forgiveness attitude!
  • Give you practical and creative steps in enriching your daily life with LASTING results

“Stewart Brown is a modern day Barnabas—an encourager! His book, Majesty in Motion, is a searing lance that breaks through our defenses to point out that we both need encouragement and can give encouragement. And he shows us both aspects clearly, precisely and practically, all the while bringing us closer to God. Majesty in Motion, offers a fresh and encouraging take on a subject all too often neglected in Christian circles. Read the book. Be encouraged. And go out and encourage others.”

—Barrie Doyle APR
Author, broadcaster, public relations consultant, professor

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Page Count: 224

About the Author:

Stewart passionately seeks to encourage people everywhere through his role as author, seminar teacher, and pastor of discipleship in Edmonton, Alberta. He has pastored several churches across Canada, including Toronto and Halifax. He is a graduate of Brock University, Tyndale University College, and Bethel University in St.Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota (where he earned his Doctor of Ministry degree). Stewart is the grateful husband of Sandra and the encouraged father of three sons, three daughters-in-law, and two granddaughters. Stewart also drinks deeply of God’s encouragement in his enjoyment of cycling, hiking, and working out with others in the local YMCA gym.

Stewart welcomes your comments, questions, or invitations to speak by contacting him through his website