Brett Ullman

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The Worlds Apart Series: Book One

media: Our World calls to us through our ipods, magazines, movies and television sets. Our Faith suggests our lives ought to reflect values and sentiments that often conflict with popular culture. Our God wants us to fit in, to share His love with others. Given that we are constantly bombarded by images of sexuality, substance abuse, cutting & violence, how are we internalizing these media messages and what potential impact do they have on our lives?

faith: What is Faith? What impact does our Faith have on our daily lives? Are we guided by Faith, or is Faith an afterthought, a subjective notion defined not by reality but by feeling? Challenging Christians to delve deeper into their understanding of Godly living, Brett examines common spiritual practices, their heritage and how a strong Faith can more dynamically shape the heart of a young Christian.

culture: What is North American culture and how does it affect us? More importantly, are we engaged in affecting it? Are our Faith and our culture in conflict with one another? In this discussion, Brett facilitates a dialog on the Christian world-view and how we, by Faith, can begin to engage the culture around us through the lens of a knowledgeable and discerning Christian.

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About the Author:

Often introduced as an expert on media influences, Brett Ullman travels North America speaking to adolescents, leaders and their parents on topics including sexuality, substance abuse and self-injury. Driven by a desire to discuss, explore and share the Christian reality of living in a media-saturated world, Brett's seminars engage and challenge attendees through high-impact, technologydriven presentations. Participants are inspired to reflect on what we know, what we believe and how our Ancient Faith ought to serve as the lens through which we view and engage modern culture.

Husband to Dawn, and father of Bennett and Zoe, Brett and his family make their home in Ajax, Ontario where Brett leads and directs Worlds Apart, a charity focused on empowering individuals to re-align their lives with Biblical core values often muddled by media but central to Christian living. Brett and his family are currently members of Carruthers Creek Community Church in Ajax.