More Adventures with the Bury Road Girls

More Adventures with the Bury Road Girls
Stories from the Bruce Peninsula

Donna Jansen

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The Bury Road Girls: 2

A Sequel to The Bury Road Girls.

Debbie gets lost in the bush, is frightened by runaway horses, travels to Owen Sound and Wiarton, and has many more adventures in Book Two of The Bury Road Girls series. The farm dog, Ranger, is still there to help the Thompson sisters out of tight situations. It’s now the 1960s and Debbie is ten. Her life is still consumed with simple things, like getting her first bike. She continues to learn many lessons about life while growing up on a farm on the Bruce Peninsula.

Softcover Trim Size: 5 x 7

Page Count: 64

About the Author:

Donna’s first book, The Bury Road Girls, was inspired by her grandchildren’s fascination with her childhood stories. More Adventures with the Bury Road Girls was equally inspired by her grandchildren, but also by the hundreds of children she met at schools, libraries, fairs, and museums where she went to do readings from her first book. She was thrilled by the interest and devotion of her young fans and adults too, especially those who were connected to the land and shared memories of a simpler time.