My Father's Daughter: The Surprising Identity of Saskia Hommes

My Father's Daughter: The Surprising Identity of Saskia Hommes

Katherine Goertz Thompson

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On a bitterly cold day at thirty-five years of age, Saskia Hommes discovers a heart-stopping truth about her identity.

Saskia lived a privileged life. It was a life that looked perfect to the outside observer. In reality, it was filled with sadness, alcoholism, domestic dysfunction, and pain.

As a teenager, Saskia became intrigued by the events of the Second World War. Having her interest piqued, her attention turned to the activities of her own parents during the war. Her questions about their activity went largely unanswered and opened a dark hole of mystery to Saskia, who was desperate only to know the truth.

Nothing could have prepared her for the answers she found.

This is a story of intrigue, Nazi connections, mystery and complexity, and totally unexpected events, but ultimately it is a story of grace—God’s amazing grace in saving and keeping His child until she was ready to accept what He offered.

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Page Count: 88

About the Author:

Katherine is a mother of five children, grandmother to two children who live in New York and several “grand puppies” who live close by. She is married to Keith Thompson and currently lives in Spruce Grove, Alberta. Kathie loves to write and loves people of all ages! She currently works with teens part-time as an Education Assistant as well as operating her own counseling/bereavement support/life coaching business out of her home. Kathie believes Saskia’s story is one that needs to be told and is honoured to participate in the telling of it!