My Tapestry:<br><small>Experiencing the Love of the Designer</small>

My Tapestry:
Experiencing the Love of the Designer

Annette Batterink

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One Sunday my husband rented a U-Haul trailer and announced to my children and me that he was moving more than 3,000 kilometres away. It was a pivotal moment in that I began to understand that my life needed to change. It was time to allow God to do a new thing in my life, to cleanse and renew me. I had gotten lost and confused, tired and despairing. It was the beginning of an ongoing journey of learning to love myself. Outward changes didn’t happen immediately, but deep inside I was different.

The threads of the tapestry of my life start long before I was born and go on into eternity. Through brilliant colours and dark hues, knots and zigzag lines, God is creating a picture that only He could design. In the Weaver’s design, there are no mistakes. There are threads that remind me that God was preparing me for the tough times before they even happened; threads filled with pain that still bring tears to my eyes; and threads that bring back memories that make me smile and bring joy to my day. The Weaver loves me, and I am trusting Him more and more.

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About the Author:

Annette is a Christ-follower, a single-again mother of two adult children, a nurse, and a recovering codependent. She enjoys writing, cross-stitching, and walking and is blessed by involvement in Recovery Church in Langley, British Columbia.