Nobody Can Take It Away from You

Nobody Can Take It Away from You

Daniel K. O'Neill

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“Remember to swim at your own pace; don’t try to do too much in the water. Save that energy for later in the day. There’s the first buoy. I’m a little too far to the left of it, so I’m going to angle to my right a bit and bring myself in closer. I can’t believe that this day is here. One year’s worth of training and preparation now comes down to this day. Remember to just focus on the swim, dude. You have 2.4 miles in the water—that’s all that matters right now. Focus on your stroke, breathe, and relax. Focus on what you’re doing, quiet the mind. I sure hope I don’t see any big fish—that would be freaky!”

These are the thoughts of a man just after the mass start of the 2004 Ironman Canada Triathlon. They were my thoughts. I had a long day ahead of me, and I was prepared for what was to come. That race is a lot like my life. I am prepared for whatever the world will throw at me, and I have a great mentor who is always with me.

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About the Author:

Daniel K. O'Neill lives in Sherwood Park, AB with his wife Shelley, his two daughters, two step sons and their Husky, Karma. Daniel works as a Forensic Investigator (vehicular collisions) and does other cool things at his job. Daniel loves to train for and compete, in triathlons, road races and endurance events. He also likes stickers, patches, socks, t-shirts, and juggling among other things.