Not Alone:<br><small>How God Helped Me Battle Depression</small>

Not Alone:
How God Helped Me Battle Depression

Andrea Calvert

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Angry and hurt, Andrea didn’t want to have anything to do with God. How could she when, one day shy of her eighteenth birthday, she had to watch her mother being wheeled into the operating room of Toronto General Hospital to receive a liver transplant? How could a God that “loved” His people allow them to suffer so badly? Why did she have to spend so much time in and out of hospitals, watching the strongest woman she knew endure test after test? Watching this happen, Andrea came to the conclusion that no god would do that.

Then, on April 27, 2011, it was time to say goodbye. After ten long months of waiting for a second organ donation, Andrea’s mother made the decision to let go—it was the hardest thing Andrea had ever dealt with up to that point. The loss of her mother led her into a downward spiral of depression, PTSD, and anxiety. Andrea lost years of her life and still battles to this day with keeping her depression under control.

Jesus reached down and opened Andrea’s eyes at the darkest point of her depression. Searching for a way to deal with her pain, she called out to Jesus, who answered her prayers and called her back into His loving arms. What He has done in her life is nothing short of amazing—Jesus gave her purpose again!

This is her story …

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About the Author:

Andrea Calvert grew up on a dairy farm in Bloomfield, Ontario. She began battling depression during high school and has since become very open with her fight in order to help others. She has two great kids and an amazing husband. Together the family attends Emmanuel Baptist Church in Bloomfield, where Andrea works closely with the youth group Surge. She loves to write and keeps a blog about finding inspiration in daily circumstances; you can find her blog at Andrea has a passion for God and sharing His love. She can’t wait to see what God will do in her life next!