Our Greatest Treasure

Our Greatest Treasure

Cy Mersereau

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Is the Bible a trustworthy document, or is it filled with errors and contradictions as claimed by the skeptics? In Our Greatest Treasure, we examine the evidence.

Less than two centuries ago, many scholars argued convincingly that the Hittites never existed, even though they are mentioned in the Bible more than fifty times. The unearthing of their massive library in Turkey has revealed an advanced civilization that once rivalled both Egypt and Assyria. Not many years ago, Ahab’s house of ivory was considered impossible, but not now. His wife, Jezebel, was dismissed as a fictional character inserted into the text to arouse interest, but the recent discovery of her signet ring with her name clearly discernible has silenced the critics. At one time, historians were convinced that Gallio in Acts 18 never existed, but the spade of the archaeologists has uncovered his name, his position as Proconsul of Achaia, and even the time of his service in Corinth.

Men and women from both distant times and the present have had their lives transformed by the message of the Bible. Many of the people, places, and events found in the Bible are found in no other literature, and their details have been documented as being authentic by historical and archaeological research. The Bible is not buried treasure. It is open to all who will access its sacred pages. The Bible is indeed Our Greatest Treasure.

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About the Author:

Cy (Cyril) Mersereau is a native of New Brunswick, Canada, where his early years were spent on the family farm near the quaint village of Fredricton Junction. He was converted to Christ at a Leighton Ford Crusade in 1963, and following graduation from high school he furthered his studies at the New Brunswick Bible Institute and the Canadian Bible College in Regina. Cy is an avid reader who enjoys all things theological and historical. He has pastored churches in Saskatchewan, North Dakota, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. He is the pastor of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship in Port Clyde, Nova Scotia.

Cy has two daughters, Colleen and Susan, along with four grandchildren, Rachel, Adam, Caitlin, and Etta. His one brother Dana (Bonnie) resides in Boonsboro, Maryland. Cy now makes his home in Jordan Falls, Nova Scotia.