Parables, Riddles, and Mysteries of the Lord Revealed

Parables, Riddles, and Mysteries of the Lord Revealed:
A Bible-based Guide to Prophetic Symbols

Sandra L. Dawson

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Have you ever wondered what your dreams mean?
Have you experienced repeated dreams and wondered what you should do about them?

This easy-to-browse book will help you explore the topic of Bible-based prophetic dream symbolism and interpretation. In it, you’ll find an alphabetical listing of various symbols—everything from birds and bugs to trees and vehicles—with explanations about their prophetic meanings. The encyclopedic format will help you research particular subjects and save you time and energy when consulting multiple references at once.

This book also contains a great deal of supplementary material, such as a detailed description of the candlestick, including its relation to Jesus, its formation, its relation to the teaching of the Seven Spirits of God, and its relation to the symbolism represented by various colors. Extra information of this type has been included to help demonstrate how everything is tied together. Scripture is used as much as possible to show how the subjects relate to one another.

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Page Count: 342

About the Author:

Sandra Dawson has many years of experience with prophetic dreams and interpretation. Her gifting has allowed her to help many people with specific words from the Lord for their personal situations and ministries.