Pierced in the Heart:<br><small>The Miracle of Healing After Grief and Loss</small>

Pierced in the Heart:
The Miracle of Healing After Grief and Loss

Bonnie J. Brooks

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Word Alive Press 2013 Free Publishing Contest Winner (Non-Fiction).

One night, five-year-old Bonnie wakes up and discovers her mother’s blood on her parents’ bed sheets. This suicide carries major ramifications for the rest of her life.

Through painful stories of personal grief and loss, Bonnie Brooks reveals seeds of hope and the miracle of emotional and spiritual healing. Pierced in the Heart will appeal to readers who struggle to make sense of where God fits into the midst of tragic and difficult circumstances. Those desiring to deepen their relationship with God will be inspired by the sometimes gentle, sometimes challenging, but always healing words of God found in every chapter.

Softcover Trim Size: 5 x 7

Page Count: 208

About the Author:

Bonnie J. Brooks knows the meaning of grief and loss in her personal life. Family suicides, domestic abuse, and physical and mental health issues have expanded her heart and mind to the suffering of others. She has supported hundreds of depressed and suicidal individuals. Several have told her that she literally saved their lives.

Bonnie desires that her writing will touch you with the deep love of God and bring you into a deeper relationship with the One who loves His children through it all.