The Prince Madoc Secret

The Prince Madoc Secret

Barrie Doyle

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The Oak Grove Conspiracies: 3

Faith battles faith. Good battles evil. Only one can win.

Legend says that a mysterious Welsh prince named Madoc discovered America more than three hundred years before Columbus, landing in Mobile Bay, Alabama. Intrigued by the legend, Stone Wallace and Mandy Griffiths discover that Madoc was more than an explorer. In fact, the powerful and wealthy Knights Templar charged him with a dangerous mission: to protect their precious relics. But modern-day Druids have now learned of Madoc’s relics, which are so powerful and valuable that they are willing to kill for them.

As they delve into Madoc’s story, Stone and Mandy become embroiled in preventing a plot to launch devastating twin attacks on Britain and America that will result in the deaths of thousands. From an assassination in Wyoming to a murder in Maryland, the Druids will not give up their quest of revenge.

The clock is ticking down, death and destruction is about to fall, and only Stone and Mandy can prevent devastation.

Softcover Trim Size: 6 x 9

Page Count: 296

About the Author:

Barrie Doyle is, above all, a communicator. With a career in journalism, broadcasting, and public relations, working with words has always been part of his life. He has been a college professor and now provides crisis planning and management for churches and non-profit organizations. He was born in Wales, later moved to Canada, and has lived in various parts of the United States, including Washington, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. He currently lives in Ontario, Canada, on the beautiful and captivating blue water shores of Georgian Bay.