Prince Mikal's Quest

Prince Mikal's Quest

Eileen Peterson

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The grundleputs are a race of happy industrious creatures unique to the Great Forest. They keep watch over the sacred chest that protects all life in its woodlands. When Mikal is appointed Chief Prince of the Grundleputs, all its inhabitants rejoice. With Prince Mikal in charge, the woodland creatures believe they will always be safe. Nothing can go wrong. Or can it?

When a powerful and cunning enemy swoops down and captures the precious Chest of Life, the forest mourns, but only Mikal and Prince Wendel, his dearest friend, know the grievous danger they are in. If the chest is not returned, the forest will wither and die.

King Grundlegrass decrees that only Prince Mikal has the power to save the forest. Mikal is not so sure when the enemy attacks again. This time they target Mikal and scatter nearly all the grundleputs who have joined him in his quest.

His closest friends remain loyal, but the young prince fears they are too weak to defeat an enemy whose might is so great, they can attack without warning.

Will saving the forest demand sacrifices too hard for Mikal and his friends to bear?

Or will Mikal remember the king’s promise and follow his destiny?

He needs to decide—and soon. The life of the forest depends on it

Softcover Trim Size: 5 X 8

Page Count: 126

About the Author:

Eileen Petersen has had a life-long love of “story” and has been writing her own material since childhood. After a fulltime career writing for business and charitable organizations, she is delighted to return to her first love. “Everyone has a story of their own,” she says. “We can relate to a good tale, in any genre, if the narrative touches a deep place in our heart and brings us to a greater understanding of ourselves and our Creator.” Eileen and her family live in Mississauga, Ontario.