Purpose Beyond Pain:<br><small> Learning to Trust God's Grace Through Life's Trials</small>

Purpose Beyond Pain:
Learning to Trust God's Grace Through Life's Trials

Paula Byabagamba

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Like every girl, Paula Byabagamba dreamed of a life full of love, protection, joy, and happiness. But those dreams were shattered when she found herself all alone, unprotected, and vulnerable. Feeling unworthy and unloved, with more questions than answers, she uttered desperate cries of worship to God for answers. As a result, she developed a deep and personal relationship with the Lord. Now free from anger, hatred, shame, and unforgiveness, she tells the story of her life in Purpose Beyond Pain.

This is a tale of a girl who embarks on a journey from a refugee camp, travels to a scary city full of people speaking different languages, returns home to her war-torn country, Rwanda, and then eventually moves to Canada. In her journey, she discovers the power of God and His amazing grace that covers you when you’re vulnerable and naked. If you find yourself lost in the pain of your circumstances, this story will remind you that there is hope for a better, satisfying, and whole life. Paula demonstrates that temporary life circumstances don’t have to change the authentic person you were created to become. We have a God-given power, through the Holy Spirit, to change our lives and the lives of those around us for the better.

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Page Count: 106

Purpose Beyond Pain is the captivating and precious tale of Paula’s life journey. I was moved by the depth of this compelling journey, where Paula rises from glory to glory and strength to strength. I recommend this amazing book to all.”

—Rev. Fabian Lwamba (John Maxwell Team, Global initiatives)


About the Author:

Born in Uganda and an adult immigrant to Canada, Paula Byabagamba pursued her education at York University in Toronto and graduated with an honours degree in Social Work. She currently lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, where she works as a settlement advisor at the Regina Open Door Society (NWC). Working with and serving new Canadians on a daily basis allows her to give back to the country that embraced her many years ago. The single mother of two incredible boys, Paula is eternally grateful for all of God’s blessings.