The Rabbi's Touch

The Rabbi's Touch:
Ten Encounters with Jesus that Changed Everything

Annetta Lammers

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What if you could live in the story? What if you could meet Jesus, stand before Him as His kind, compassionate eyes search yours, and truly understand His great love for you? What if you could feel His healing touch and know your body was finally well? Author Annetta Lammers explores ten encounters with Jesus found in the gospels. Ten stories of men and women who found freedom from a lifetime of pain, guilt, and shame after meeting the Healer they’d heard so much about. Through reflection, study of the Greek, and living each story in her heart and mind, she describes in vivid detail the ten stories of these individuals who personally encountered the touch, voice, and power of The Rabbi.

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Page Count: 80

About the Author:

Annetta Lammers is a wife, mother, homemaker, and educator. She savours quiet walks in the woods, the texture and colour of pottery, and reading Biblical fiction with a cup of coffee. Her fascination and love of God’s Word has motivated her to study over the years. You will find more of Annetta’s reflections at