Racing Death:<br><small>A Radical Pursuit</small>

Racing Death:
A Radical Pursuit

Daniel K. O'Neill

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I remember running in my very first race in July 1987. Lining up with over two hundred others to run fifteen kilometres was exhilarating and daunting. I hadn’t really known how to train for a race, but there I was. To this day, I still remember the nerves and the excitement. After many races, including marathons and triathlons, I would discover that I was indeed pursuing life.

I was running for the small boy inside of me who was beat down by childhood sexual abuse. I was running for the angry teenager in me who saw the hypocrisy of the world. I was pursuing the man I knew I could be! I was tired of running away.

This is not a how-to book; it’s a to-do book! I have no magic formula or secret to help you live the life you desire. The truth is that you’ll need to do some work. But the ultimate payoff is achieving your vision, drawn from the life-sustaining energy of the Spirit within you. Living dead is not an option. We are Racing Death in pursuit of a life that will give us abundance and eternal peace.

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About the Author:

Daniel K. O’Neill lives in Sherwood Park, Alberta, and is an author, athlete, life coach, triathlon coach, speaker, husband, father, and lover of life. A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Daniel has developed his philosophy and personal operating system to help anyone who is looking to re-create their lives or take their game to the next level. Daniel presents his messages in speaking engagements to groups trying to spread the word about sexual abuse and its impact on people. His message is inspiring, motivational, and can be groomed to any group or organization looking to improve their performance and culture.