The Real Welcoming Church

The Real Welcoming Church:
Imitating God, Thinking Like Jesus

Stewart Brown

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Imagine your life transforming from:

Selfishness to others-focused service

Getting to giving

Inertia to energy

Complaining to overflowing gratitude

Plodding to laser-focused purpose

This is what you will experience as a member of a real welcoming church as revealed in this book. Based on imitating God (Ephesians 5:1) and thinking like Jesus (Philippians 2:5), this book leads each reader into an honest self-examination and church evaluation, based completely on God’s Word, and into four key life stages:

Stage 1. Struggling church: Start where you are and discover what keeps you and your church from joyful growth and continually bearing much fruit for Jesus.

Stage 2. Godly church: Discover how God wants you and your church to think, act, and welcome others as you interact with Old and New Testament principles.

Stage 3: Inviting church: Explore the signs, evidences, processes and results of the real welcoming church through which Jesus expresses His loving, empowering heart.

Stage 4. Inspiring church: Learn 9 steps to practise on a daily basis so God can inspire others through you and your church as you pray, support, worship and work together.

This is an exciting and practical interactive book, full of Bible-based resources and principles to empower you in making lasting friends and transformative relationships in your church and community.

"Excellent! I was drawn in immediately by this work."

—Deric Bartlett (Canada)


"This book is not only an effective teaching tool; it is truly edifying. Dr. Brown's instruction rests squarely on Scripture and on years of proven ministry experience. Apply these principles and get ready to grow!"

—Dan Pearson (USA)


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Page Count: 184

About the Author:

Stewart Brown has been the pastor of churches in Toronto, Halifax, southwestern and northwestern Ontario, and Edmonton. He is also the author of award winning book, Majesty in Motion. His equipping resources can be found at: Stewart currently resides in Wolfville, NS, with his wife, Sandra. He is the father of three married sons and the grandfather of seven.