Bible Adventures with Reid the Scroll:<br><small>Prophets with Impact, Part One</small>

Bible Adventures with Reid the Scroll:
Prophets with Impact, Part One

Nicki Frederiksen

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Bible Adventures with Reid the Scroll: Book One

“Weaving God’s truth into the next generation”

The Bible is the ultimate truth and when we read biblical stories together, learn together, and pray together, our family relationships will be stronger. Part of the foundation of strong relationships is having good and healthy conversations about topics with children that not only teach them biblical principles but also show us how to apply those principles in their lives.

This book outlines biblical principles and explains how they apply our everyday lives, helping families learn and pray together, and blessing each new generation with a strong faith foundation in Jesus Christ.

In this volume, kids will learn about the lives and lessons of prophets like Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Solomon. Each chapter is divided into eight sections:


  1. Principle
  2. A closer look
  3. Challenge for children
  4. The story of the prophets
  5. Challenge for the parents
  6. Prayer
  7. A stroll into the New Testament
  8. A step further

Reid will not stop “scrolling” into new content, so stay tuned!

Softcover Trim Size: 6 x 9

Page Count: 56

About the Author:

Nicki Frederiksen has been on a writing journey, which includes the creation of Reid the Scroll and his many adventures through the Bible, since March 2014. This desire to share her passion for God’s word with kids of all ages was inspired by her years involved in children’s ministry, Sunday school, community programming, and activity nights.

Nicki has been married to her husband Jon for over twenty years. They share a son, Evan, together and currently live in London Ontario.