Renewed:<br><small>A Colouring Book and Word Search</small>

A Colouring Book and Word Search

Diana Barrantes

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Renewed is a colouring and word search book with nature-inspired art, Bible verses, and over 350 words that have been carefully selected to help you reflect, unwind, and feel renewed. Families, parents, caregivers, and children can enjoy and incorporate the pages in Renewed as part of their daily activities during quiet times, break times, or whenever they need words of encouragement.

Renewed is also accompanied by a piano instrumental album called Renewed that is available for streaming and purchase. You can find Diana Barrantes on Spotify and iTunes. You can also follow Diana on Instagram at where she currently shares play ideas for families with young children.

Softcover Trim Size: 8.5 x 11

Page Count: 64

About the Author:

Diana Barrantes, PHEc has always enjoyed the tranquility of colouring and the fun of word searches. Her educational background and professional experience as a human ecologist has allowed her to help individuals and families through difficult life situations, and she’s seen the importance of finding time for one’s self, to de-stress, and to renew one’s spirit.

As a wife and busy mom of three girls, Diana enjoys relaxing with her family and spending quality time together. It was through watching her daughters’ fascination with nature and their joy in colouring that Diana was inspired to create her book, Renewed.