Shameless: Set Free From The Mask

Set Free From The Mask

Steve Geyer

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Are you plagued with memories of past failures?
Do you ever feel like everything that goes badly is your fault?
Do words like worthless and unacceptable describe how you feel about yourself?

You’re not alone. Millions of people struggle with these same thoughts, including people who might surprise you. These thoughts and feelings cause people to put on a variety of masks to cover up the dark and hidden places inside that they are terrified others may see.

This book seeks to shed light on shame—the shadowy force that has controlled people’s thoughts, actions, and lives for centuries. Comedian and pastor Steve Geyer will take you on a personal and poignant journey as he peels back his own mask and shares insights, life lessons, and a few well-timed laughs along the way.

Reading Shameless will help you reader feel the weight of shame less and less.

"Steve, I'm sitting in a questionable carwash in a less than desirable neighborhood and reading your book for the third time. The 'ugly cry' that happened with the first two readings has surfaced again and is scaring my fellow patrons. Thank you for your candor and transparency."

—Cameron Winton, Pastor of Discipleship
Woodlawn United Methodist Church, Panama City, FL

Softcover Trim Size: 6 x 9

Page Count: 224

About the Author:

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