A Spark of Faith

A Spark of Faith

Susan Reimer

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Forged in Flames: Book Two

Alex Smiley is seventeen and entering Grade Twelve. His friends are dating, driving, and enjoying new freedoms while Alex struggles to come to terms with the limitations placed on his life by Down syndrome. Although he has a supportive family and close friends, Alex desperately wants to be seen as a capable independent young man, not the sweet but naïve boy some still believe him to be. He must find a way to pursue his dreams with--and sometimes despite--their best intentions. Alex's faith propels him forward as he discovers all of God's children are created equally and have limitless potential.

"A Spark of Faith will ignite your heart! Susan Reimer gives the reader a window into the life of a child with Down syndrome as he approaches young adulthood. Alex Smiley is bound to put a smile on your face, leave an ache in your heart, and awaken the eyes of your soul in this thoughtfully portrayed story of love, challenge, and the human longing for acceptance and belonging."

— Lisa Elliott, speaker and award-winning author of
The Ben Ripple and Dancing in the Rain

"Alex Smiley just wants to be like everyone else, but doesn’t see all of the unique qualities he possesses that make him special. As the protagonist of this coming of age novel, he is relatable and brings light to difficult times that many teenagers face. While trying to find himself through God, Alex faces many ups and downs, leaving readers wondering what will happen to this charismatic character born with Down syndrome. A Spark of Faith by Susan Reimer is a definite recommendation for young adults if you want a light-hearted, fun, and faith-oriented novel!"

— Amanda Boates, Teacher, Alberta

"An engaging read for youth, especially those dealing with identity issues—who they are, and who they are in Christ."

— Rev. Kevin Furtney, Lead Pastor, First Baptist Church, Timmins, ON

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Page Count: 216

About the Author:

Susan Reimer is a former youth leader, special needs facilitator, and journalist. Time and again, she has observed the immense blessing that children with special needs have on their families and communities. Reimer strives to communicate the importance of family, faith, and friendship in her writing.