Steeped Tea:<br><small>A Novel</small>

Steeped Tea:
A Novel

Crys Brunham

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“I’m saying it’s okay to let things sit. But don’t steep too long. Things that once were crystal clear become infinitely more difficult to see through the murky water.”

After her husband is killed in a tragic car crash, leaving her pregnant and her unborn daughter without a father, Kennedy is thrust into a life she never expected or wanted. Years later, she is faced with the possibility of moving on from her single life with her preteen daughter, Zoe, who is going through her own struggles and wondering about the father she never met.

Forced to walk away from the life he had chosen as a pastor Nick had all but given up, but after seeing the newly widowed mother-to-be cling to God all those years ago, Nick chose to pull himself back to the One he knows wants what’s best for him, even when the going gets tough.

Without the past clouding their vision, will Kennedy and Nick stop trying to fix each other and choose to be with each other, just as God made them? Imperfections and all? Join Kennedy, Nick, and Zoe in Steeped Tea as they work through their past, struggles, relationships, and faith.

Softcover Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5

Page Count: 256

About the Author:

Crys Brunham lives in northern Alberta, Canada, with her husband, Joe, their two kids, Rebekah and Benjamen, a French Bulldog, Finnley, a Yorkshire Terrier, Abby, and an agoraphobic cat, Maggie, who refuses to leave the basement. Given to distraction by new ideas at any moment, Crys rarely doesn’t have some sort of project on the go (number of projects and disarray vary on any given day). Stubborn, witty, and flawed, her characters reflect a little bit of someone we all know and love in our lives.