Terrific Kids:<br><small>Practical Principles for Raising Kids with a Strong Moral Compass</small>

Terrific Kids:
Practical Principles for Raising Kids with a Strong Moral Compass

Gioconda A. Marroquín Suárez, BS, MDiv

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Do you ever wonder, “Am I really ready to be a parent?” or “Who will my child grow up to be?” Maybe you’ve even doubted that you will be a good parent to your children?

Parenting is not easy. There is no simple “follow this rule” technique. No child is born with a manual that answers every parent’s question about how to raise them. But it is helpful to hear what has worked for other parents.

In Terrific Kids, you will find some simple insights and anecdotes from one parent to another. This book offers some guidance as you make your way through the complex world of parenting. It does not decree rules that are written in stone, but suggests tools that can be adapted to fit each child’s needs and the circumstances of the moment.

Some of the topics touched on in this book include:

  • The importance of chores
  • The benefit of family outings
  • How to encourage good hygiene
  • What part the grandparents play in the raising of children
  • Dealing with our own childhood pain and how it affects our parenting

It’s time to learn about raising truly Terrific Kids!

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Page Count: 72

About the Author:

Gioconda A. Marroquín Suárez has a Bachelor of Science with a psychology major from the University of Toronto and a Master of Divinity with a counselling focus from Tyndale University Seminary. She is a mother of five children, a Bible teacher, speaker and has been a family counsellor for more than ten years, offering help to both English and Spanish communities. Her background includes working with abused women, facilitating support groups, providing crisis counselling, and working with families and couples. Additionally, she taught for several years at Redeemer University in the sociology department. Her church background has focused on Bible teaching and directing youth programs for more than twenty-five years. She has a passion for sharing God’s Word and making it applicable to today’s challenges. Her love for people has been manifested in her giving time to others, listening to their stories and helping them find hope in challenging situations.