The Crown and Salvation

The Crown and Salvation

Neil R. Fox

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The Jerusalem Case: Book One.

This is the story of a young Jewish boy who reached manhood during the tumultuous period of Roman rule in Israel. Young Atara joins the burgeoning Zealot movement because of his hatred and anger towards the Roman occupiers. Through forces beyond his control, he is inadvertently catapulted into the midst of the most significant event in human history: the final Passover week of the Messiah.

The Crown and Salvation was honoured to be shortlisted by Word Alive Press for their annual Braun Award for Fiction. It was also nominated for the Castle Quay Award by The Word Guild of Canada.

Softcover Trim Size: 6 x 9

Page Count: 272

About the Author:

Neil R. Fox is a retired professor and past coordinator of the Creative Photography program at Humber College in Toronto. He currently resides in Orillia, Ontario with his wife Barbara. Over the years, Neil has been involved in many business ventures, exhibits, and innovative projects, including the writing of numerous manuals for course material. A believer since 1971, Neil and his family spent several years in Jerusalem through the mid-1980s, learning and photographing the land. His passion for the wealth of biblical information that has been revealed in recent years through Messianic believers is reflected in this work.