The Family Tree:<br><small> God Gets His Family Back</small>

The Family Tree:
God Gets His Family Back

Jeanne Best

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Aren’t we all God’s children? Don’t we all belong to the family of God? Would it surprise you to learn that in the Old Testament God doesn’t call Himself our father and doesn’t refer to people as His children? Being a member of the human race doesn’t mean we automatically qualify for membership in God’s family. Before Jesus took on flesh, God revealed Himself as our Creator, Maker, and King. It’s only on His terms, not ours, that we become His true sons and daughters.

The Family Tree offers a fresh perspective on God’s relentless love and pursuit of you and reveals how you can become part of the family that God gets back. Vignettes that explore the thoughts and feelings of Bible characters propel you through the gospel to a conclusion that demands a response.

“Jeanne’s ability to take even the most profound truth and make it palatable for all is truly a gift. This book is a wealth of knowledge for the searcher and the theologian alike.”
Rev. Shanna Gerber, PAOC

“You will hear Jeanne’s heart (for you specifically) in the pages of this book. May God use her words to inspire and challenge you to respond to God’s invitation to be fully-known, entirely forgiven and perfectly loved.”
Rev. Rielly McLaren,
Community Chaplain to Federal Ex-offenders in Windsor, ON

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About the Author:

Jeanne loves the Word of God and uses her gifts of writing, teaching, and speaking to share its life changing truth with others. Her last book, Deep Roots in a Shallow World, was a finalist at the Word Guild’s annual Word Awards. Jeanne is a graduate of the University of Toronto and Ontario Bible College and is retired now from careers in health care administration and paralegal work. She and her husband, Jim, make their home in Barrie, ON.