The Juvenile's Voice

The Juvenile's Voice

Maxine James

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A healthy twelve-year-old is suddenly unable to concentrate. Her energy sapped and her body covered with itch, she finally receives the dreaded diagnosis—juvenile diabetes. Shortly after receiving this news, her mother and sister succumb to the disease. Fear grips her heart as she wonders if she will be next.

In this biographical account of her struggle with juvenile diabetes, Maxine James takes readers on a journey of despair and hope, weakness and strength. From the terror of the daily needle to the stigma faced at school, Maxine provides an honest picture of life with diabetes during her Jamaican childhood. She learned to live—and live well—despite her illness, and prays that her experiences will encourage others who also fight this terrible condition.

A great book for anyone who has been touched by a diagnosis of diabetes.

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Page Count: 136

About the Author:

Maxine James grew up in Jamaica surrounded by mangoes, sugarcane, and oranges. In a life filled with family, friends, and the usual trials of childhood, she suffered the added burden of the fight against juvenile diabetes, a condition that claimed the life of her mother and sister.

She moved to Canada in 1987 and currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta.