The Promised Child:<br><small>When God Answers Your Prayers in One Area, He Can Do It in Every Area!</small>

The Promised Child:
When God Answers Your Prayers in One Area, He Can Do It in Every Area!

Christie Amoyo

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Danrey and Christie Amoyo knew that they wanted to be parents, but when their happy announcement turned into the worst possible scenario they found out that becoming parents was not to be an easy path for them.

This book is a written testimony of how determination, coming from a new revelation of faith, can change lives. It will demonstrate that the promises we read about in the Bible are for us today, even if we don’t yet know how they apply to the situations we’re living through.

Be encouraged by the Amoyos experience as, after years of heartbreak and loss, the Word becomes real and they put their faith first.

Softcover Trim Size: 5 x 7

Page Count: 80

About the Author:

Christie Amoyo is a wife, entrepreneur, author, and mother of four children. She has served in ministry for more than fifteen years, including women’s, youth, children’s, administration, worship, and pastoral. She and her husband Danrey have a heart for bringing encouragement through faith, which has resulted in the launching of Today’s Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba, along with other outreach programs.