The Sacred Secret

The Sacred Secret

Victor A. Lenoard

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A Book of Seven: Volume Two

Have you ever wondered how a person could just snap, taking their own life in the blink of an eye? Or considered the men and women who throw everything away in their lives that's good, choosing rather to follow their addictions into anarchy and misery? What is the value of a life in today's world?

The answers to these questions cannot be found in any office, nor are they provided through experience or old age. They cannot be bought for any price, and you certainly can't learn about them in a classroom. The only place you will find this truth is from a time and place which exists outside of our three-dimensional world.

Understanding something that's not fully explainable, and then believing in it, can be very difficult, but these walls of doubt are torn down in The Sacred Secret. The Holy Spirit and a much better life are waiting for you. I truly hope you seek this freedom.

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About the Author:

Victor A. Leonard is a former business owner, millwright, and welder. He enjoys spending time with his daughter Nicole, his church, writing, fishing, and walking with his two black labs. Visit his website at