Think Like God

Think Like God

Richard C. Gayle

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Can mortal humans think like an immortal God? I say yes we can! This is the desire of all Christians – to be like their Father. Overcoming the limitations of your mind and capturing the mind of God will propel you into a life that is not of this world. It is the mind of God that will help us deal with situations that would cause many to give up on life; It is the mind of God that will give us peace that goes beyond anything we can explain; it is the mind of God that makes us see beyond our restrictions and believe that we can do all things.

I challenge you today to start your process and begin to think like God.

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About the Author:

Richard C. Gayle epitomizes the definition of a pastor—a herdsman, shepherd, one who tends, leads, guides, feeds and protects the flock. He has tenderly learned, through God’s leading and life’s experiences, how to fulfill his call. He is a dynamic preacher, an insightful teacher, an empathic counselor, and a God-led pastor.