Through the Lens of Motherhood

Through the Lens of Motherhood:
Trusting God in Times of Trouble

Laurie Haughton

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It wasn’t supposed to unfold this way. Raising kids was to be all about playdates at the park, kitchen-table crafts, and bedtime stories, with the odd scraped knee and late-night stomach flu posing the greatest threat. It was to be a great adventure, not a terrifying ordeal.

In a daily battle on the frontlines for the life of her son, Laurie Haughton faces a parent’s worst nightmare: a critically ill child. Expecting their first baby and dreaming of the future, Laurie and her husband, Tim, were stopped in their tracks when a twenty-week ultrasound and fetal echocardiogram revealed that their son had a rare congenital heart condition that made survival unlikely. Trusting in God and committing young Joshua to him, they continued with the pregnancy and, after Joshua’s arrival, walked through multiple surgeries and terrifying moments.

Through her blog and in these pages, Laurie transparently shares the raw anger, fragile hope, and crushing disappointment that were her constant companions for years. She shares her journey in a way that’s real, hard-hitting, inspiring, and even humourous. Readers will witness the faithfulness of God in the lives of his servants as they continually bring their hearts to him.

A story that acknowledges the lack of easy answers yet the presence of a great God, Through the Lens of Motherhood will touch lives, inspire faith, and encouraging understanding of those who walk through some of life’s darkest valleys.

"One of the hardest things to do in life is step back from your self-image and take a long, hard, and honest look at yourself. God has a way of causing us to do that when we’re in the midst of great trauma and life-changing, life-threatening situations. Laurie Haughton faced that kind of trauma as she loved and dealt with her son Joshua and his congenital heart defect. With raw honesty she walks us through the ups and down, the joys and fears, the triumphs and the nightmares of both Joshua’s fight for life, as well as her own struggles to understand her reactions and the changes in her psyche as she grappled with the “Why, God?” questions we’ve all had. I highly recommend this book for everyone interested in going on a roller coaster journey of life and faith."

—Barrie Doyle, author of The Excalibur Parchment
and other novels in the Oak Grove Conspiracies series

"This compelling story recounts the journey of author Laurie Haughton and her husband, Tim, as they face the health challenges of their firstborn son, Joshua. It’s an exceptionally transparent narrative through which we gain glimpses into their inner struggles to make sense of what was happening and find a way to embrace a deeply uncomfortable reality outside of their control. At the heart of the story is the discovery of the sustaining power of trust in God despite uncertain, unsettling, and unexpected circumstances. The three graces of faith, hope, and love are woven into the fabric of this journey—never denying the difficult realities, but always serving as rays of light in the times of darkness. The book offers eloquent testimony to the vital and nurturing role of human relationships when on a path where risk is high and the potential for loss seems ever present.

"Though unique in its details, this account of a very personal journey reaches beyond its particulars and offers valuable insights for any who may be called upon to find their way through darkness and the uncertainties of life."

—John Franklin, Executive Director, IMAGO

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About the Author:

Laurie Haughton is a photographer by trade and artist at heart. She travelled the world capturing the beauty in the brokenness before finally settling down in Toronto with her husband. She’d spent many years writing blogs but now focuses on her personal blog called Through the Lens of Motherhood. She has written guests posts for many blogs, including the Context blog for Lorna Dueck, and the Cardiac Kids’ blog. In her blog she has married her love of looking through the camera lens with her gift of writing, and she tells a story of parenting, life, faith, illness, and mental health that is honest and leaves her refreshingly vulnerable. Laurie is the wife of a pastor, the mother of two boys, and an artist in her own right.