The Ultimate Journey of a Warrior

The Ultimate Journey of a Warrior:
A Man of God Under Construction

Stéphane Therrien

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"I met Stéphane in the early 1990s at the gym; we trained together and became good friends. Stéphane is an example of someone who used to live in the darkness but now lives in the light of Jesus. His story, The Ultimate Journey of a Warrior, doesn’t hold any punches. Stéphane found out what he was created for, and he will certainly challenge you to do the same. Excellent read."

—Darryl Shannon (Former NHL player, Toronto Maple Leafs/Montreal Canadiens)


"Stéphane Therrien is a true man of God. He learned many lessons in the sweat and blood of mixed martial arts, but his life changed when he met the toughest warrior of all—Jesus Christ. His story is an inspiring testimony of how God can take the warrior heart and transform it for his purpose. Let Stephane take you on a heartfelt journey from ringside to the altar. Through the pages of his book, he tells the story of a hard-slugging fighter was transformed from hard-living mixed martial artist into a loving husband, father, and man on fire for God. I am privileged to call this man a friend and am certain that in reading his story you will feel like you know him as well. Sit back, enjoy the ride, and let God put you ‘under construction'."

—Nathan Justice (Canadian Forces, Author of Path of the Warrior)


"As a pastor, it is a real joy to watch a person grow daily. It was great to watch Stéphane move from receiving and learning to giving to others. Working with him in ministry and listening to him share his testimony, whether it be in small groups or as a guest speaker, has been over the top for me as a friend and coach. This book is a great start in revealing what God has done, and a real statement of His grace to who that choose to walk with Him. Men, read this and don’t do your journey alone."

—Bobby Thirsk (Executive Pastor, Westside King’s Church, Calgary, Alberta)


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Page Count: 202

About the Author:

Stéphane lives in Ontario, Canada, with his wife, Karen, and daughter, Chelsea. He is serving the Lord through prison ministry and working with the homeless/less fortunate. He is available for speaking engagements.