What Rough Beast

What Rough Beast

Shawn J. Pollett

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Cry of the Martyrs Trilogy: Book Two

With the death of Emperor Decius, peace returns to the Roman Empire and the Christians. But the reprieve is short lived. Dissension between Rome’s generals sparks a series of civil wars that plunge the empire back into chaos. Barbarians are massing on the northern frontiers, and in the East, the powerful and brilliant Shapur, ruler of the Persians, is plotting to annex Rome’s eastern provinces from his weakened neighbour. Never before has the empire been in such imminent danger of annihilation.

Out of this maelstrom comes a new emperor with a new vision, a self proclaimed messiah, who promises to return the empire to its glory days and destroy the empire’s enemies. All her enemies.

Now Valens and Damarra must again fight for their survival. But not alone. A mysterious German warrior appears with a message and a quest, which may save their lives and reunify a Church torn apart by guilt. Follow Valens and Damarra on an epic journey into their darkest fears and nightmares, as they face the ultimate evil and make the ultimate choice: to deny the Christos and live out their lives together; or to proclaim the very words that demand a death sentence in their world: “Christianus sum . . . I am a Christian.”

Softcover Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5

Page Count: 418

About the Author:

Shawn J. Pollett lives on a farm with his wife Donna and their children. He has worked at many jobs over the years—farm hand, university professor, truck driver, and ambulance attendant, just to name a few— but his passion is for history and writing fiction. What Rough Beast is the sequel to Christianus Sum, the award-winning novel that launched the Cry of the Martyrs Trilogy in 2008. He is currently researching the final book in the trilogy. Shawn has also completed

the contemporary thriller Angel, the first book in Sing the Ancient War Trilogy, which is awaiting publication.