Woman of the Word: <br><small>A Four Lesson Bible Study</small>

Woman of the Word:
A Four Lesson Bible Study

Ruth Coghill

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Ruth Coghill's book is full of personal testimony and practical teaching for memorizing and meditating on God's Word. It's readable, ejoyable, and motivational. I picked up some great ideas and I know you will too!

—Robert J. Morgan, Author, 100 Bible Verses

In a culture of handheld devices and Internet access, the need to memorize God's Word may seem like an outdated exercise. Many who have incorporated this ancient discipline into their daily lives, however, have been delighted at the supernatural strength and blessing that comes from it.

Woman of the Word provides a step-by-step process to corporately memorize Psalm 8 in four weeks, a 'body of Christ' exercise. Participants will be pleasantly surprised to discover that what might be difficult on their own is a joy when they join others on the journey of hiding God's Word in their hearts.

Included in this second book in the WOW series are inspiring stories of God's presence and power revealed as we recite the living and active Word of God.

Softcover Trim Size: 6 x 9

Page Count: 128

About the Author:

Ruth Coghill is an international speaker, Bible teacher and radio show host. She is also the founder of Words to Inspire—Lifelong Empowerment from God’s Word: a ministry to encourage others to read, memorize and apply the Scriptures. This passion has led her to develop a four-book Bible study series for the time-constrained woman. Ruth is the mother of four adult children, nana to ten grandchildren, and she lives in Fergus, Ontario with her husband Bob.

Woman of the Word is Book Two in the WOW Series. The other three:

Woman of Worth

Woman of Wisdom

Woman of Worship